I’ve worked with Kelley for years and have admired her work as a photographer and choreographer, so I was flattered when she entrusted me with the honor of taking her maternity photos. I must admit I was a little nervous. Having never been professionally photographed myself I have no idea how other photographers work. It ended up being among the easiest and most laid back of photo sessions from the beginning. One of the first things Kelley said was “I trust you,” which meant a lot and made me feel at ease to do my thing.

I always want the final pictures to be an honest representation of who the subject is. I have always disliked pictures of myself, primarily, I think, because I don’t usually recognize the person in the picture. It feels very out of sync with who I am and with who I believe I seem to others to be. I never want my clients to find their photos incongruous with how they feel. If I know the client, I will look for locations that seem in keeping with what I know. If I don’t, I ask questions to get to know them better before determining a spot. I also make it a point to learn something new about every client during the session and I want this to show in the pictures, as well. If I’ve done what I set out to do, a single picture will show multiple sides of a person, couple or family.

I have always known that Kelley and Devin (aka Dougie Fresh… maybe you’ve seen him on American Ninja Warrior?) are edgy, fun-loving, kind, accepting and very easy to be around. Spending a couple of hours with them I was able to see so much sweetness and warmth between them, which I think shows in the pictures. And Kelley rocks 36 weeks pregnant with twins like nobody!



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