With another wedding under my belt I am grateful for these opportunities to capture memories and continue learning about the pacing and pressures of wedding day photography.

I’ve known Lisa for 14 years. I was fortunate to watch her beautiful daughters Kaleigh and Kristyn grow up as my ballet students. I expected to see people I knew at Lisa’s wedding, but most of the bridal party and many of the guests were people with whom I have spent most of the past 15 years. My photographer-friend perspective was simultaneously as participant and outsider.

When I arrived Saturday at 4:00 the bridal party preparations were already festive and celebratory.


After Lisa’s finishing touches, we headed outside to the garden venue for formal photos of the bridal party, then I left the ladies to grab a few shots of the groom and his men before guests arrived.


The sun was still bright as the guests started arriving around 6:00 p.m. which created a challenge for my camera — I tried my best to frame the scene under the soft shadow of the gazebo, but that wasn’t always practical or possible.


The wedding began and the pressure was on to catch all of the important once-in-a-lifetime shots — while staying out of the way. It was a beautiful service, led by Chris Chappell, who ensured that any tension was lightened with laughter.


We finished the formal group photo session with the groomsmen, who started by saying “we don’t want to be serious.” I suggested my go-to Toyota jump, which was immediately shot down. I love what we got — I think we perfectly captured their mood and camaraderie without being too serious.


I’ll let the photos tell the story of the reception, from the introduction of the newlyweds through the 80’s dance party and bouquet toss.


Congratulations to Lisa and Matt and best wishes for many years of happiness!

I love love love being part of these occasions and I can’t wait for my weddings next month!

I leave you with a few more images of warmth, friendship and happiness…



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